10 Secrets for Free Media Placement

Why pay a high priced PR agent when you can get free media placement to promote your product, service, or book?

Follow these top ten tips for 2005 and it willbe your most profitable year yet!

1. Write an attention grabbing headline.

Realize that your headline must immediately"hook" a busy producer or editor at first glance. If your headline doesn't hook them, they won't read further.

2. Be certain that your book is appropriate for the target audience.

Do not send a media release about your romance novel to a radio show that interviews only nonfiction authors. Wishful thinking is well and good, but realize that shows KNOW their target market.

3. Realize that there is a difference in format when sending a release by email and by fax.

A faxed release and release sent by mail can beidentical. However, an email release requires carefulcrafting to get right and is an art onto itself. The keyconcept to remember is twofold. First, the subject line spells the difference between the release being opened or deleted. Second, you must target delivery of the email release carefully, or you risk being banned forever to the recipient's "bozo" file.

4. Be certain to include key information in a bookrelease such as your ISBN number, publicationdate, page count and binding, and if you likea small .jpeg of the cover.

5. You can increase your chances of being booked on a radio station if you offerto give away books on the show in yourrelease.

6. For media releases aimed at reviewers,include information on how they canget a book to review by email or fax.

7. Do not follow up to see if the recipientreceived the release. If this is a show orpublication you are keenly interested in,call them with "new information" designed to create more excitementin featuring you.

8. Keep a notebook with you and jot down names of appropriate mediacontacts as you read publications andhear radio interviews.

9. Journalists and producers need you and your news, but will lose respect ifyou hammer them with releases thatdon't apply to their market or beat.Discriminate.

10. Keep a "swipe file" of clever advertisements or headlinesyou can refer to when you needa creative boost.


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