John Deere and NASCAR; Excellent Use of Brand

We should all recognize the marketing efforts of John Deere especially as we have spoken before with regards to their TOYS. They have a complete line of nearly every tractor or agricultural attachment they make available in small, micro size.

By instilling brand name with kids they are creating a culture of future customers and brand name recognition. The reason I bring this up, since it is not a new issue is that these toys are on the shelves of Wal-Mart and they are really selling well, right up there with Match Box and Hot Wheels. Other smart companies are NASCAR and Harley Davidson, which also have many die cast products flowing off the shelves. And it makes sense all the way around. NASCAR is now following the Baseball Card idea for drivers and that is also a big hit, really big. I talked to a guy who was a wholesaler traveling the country stocking stores up on these kids cards as impulse items and the customers also cannot keep them in stock. NASCAR also has board games like Monopoly and penalties of the dice for pit stops, tire flats, crashes and the game is very fun to play and kids and dads really love it. Generally such toys are out of stock.

If you think about it here is one Brand Name signing up with another brand name to further both brand names, such synergy strategies is used also by our team. Very smart marketing that they do not seem to understand at the top American business schools and the Thesis Projects and Dissertations on the subject really are lacking and the HBR ? Harvard Business Review has done a poor job of understanding these things. The doers are doing it and the academia is talking about something they do not even understand. Any reality based executive who has read almost every book on branding and discussed with branding executives and/or met people who have had family in the Toy Business who really did not understand how synergies work or which brands will work good together or why. NASCAR is so popular that the Republican National Committee ought to sponsor a car and driver. Just like they should be selling Die Cast Toys of Air Force One, the Presidential Tour Bus, Presidential Limo, Black Secret Service SUVs, Farm animals on the Ranch and action figures of the main players. Many NASCAR novelty and toy items are perpetually out of stock and you can ask anyone, why, because it has managed it's brand very well and it has crossed all areas and social self segregated segments; Rich and Poor, South and North, East and West Coasts. Good branding, very good. Dads like to buy toys they wish they had when they were young, but those toys did not exist yet. Hasbro has made an agreement with 29 NASCAR Drivers. Folks this is big business; but most of all it is smart branding and all of us should stand up and take notes.

John Deere is taking up lots of shelf space in Wal-Mart, quite incredible really. The number of toys is incredible including books and Play ground toys. Think of it. Amazon who sells books sells John Deere and NASCAR Toys and John Deere has developed books teaching kids about farming and life and hard work ethic, exactly what kids need to learn if they are to grow up raise a family, run their own farm take their kids to NASCAR events, hire the Car Wash Guys and eventually buy themselves a Harley Davidson. Let me know when all this starts making sense to you'all.

Kids and Brand Names go together, they always have and also realize that big corporations who wants to continue brand name and sell to the masses must never forget the kids whether they are established Brands and the Largest Corporations in their field. Think of McDonalds "Play Places' as well. Think about it.

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