Living Your Brand on the Web - Part 2

Now that everyone has conformed to Living Your Brand on the Web, Part 1, it's time to add a couple of tweaks that will further reinforce your brand.

Tweak #1: Your Signature File

A signature file is the simple text that, once activated is attached to your email automatically. It is the simplest and the most effective way to get a message across. Some are funny, some are serious and some consider another point of view, but in any case, any professional should use one and keep it updated.

Every signature file should include complete contact information so customers can contact you in their time. A signature can also include a tag line that reinforces your company's brand. Consider the following two options:

Good Signature File:
Mark Wilson
President, Wilson Widgets

Better Signature File:
Mark Wilson
Wilson Widgets
"We've Got Your Widgets Right Here"
888-555-9876 toll free
876-555-4321 fax
Office Hours: M-F 7a-7p

One step further, allowing employees to add a personal message of their own, and it makes for fun reading.

Tweak #2: Subject Line Words of the Email

There are only 40-60 letters to grab the attention of a perspective reader, so choose wisely. Get to the point and give a synopsis of what the email is about. Short, clean and simple is the rule of thumb here. Don't use words like Free, Fun, Pictures, Warning, or even non-alphanumeric's (*%&#@) that could be confused with spam. Simply state the message and allow the reader to read on.

The purpose of this is to get as many eyes as possible on your company's message and brand.

Glenn Geiger is the Director of Interactive Services for Pixallure Design LLC, Glenn has worked in Web site design, development, systems administration and management since 1987, including work for DynCorp, Accent Software, GlobalKey, Inc., and Digital Equipment Corp.

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